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Jesse Showalter

Are you seeking guidance on your design journey? Maybe you're feeling stuck in your search for new employment opportunities, uncertain how to break into the world of UI/UX design, or encountering obstacles in your current job. Whatever the case may be, I'm here to offer my assistance.

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$599 for 5 coaching sessions

Mentorship with Jesse Showalter

Why hire me as your mentor?

As a seasoned design professional with years of experience, I'm confident that I can provide the guidance you need to advance your career. Whether you're looking for advice on creating a standout portfolio, tips on networking and job searching, or strategies for overcoming workplace challenges, I'm here to help you succeed. My approach is holistic, focusing on both the hard skills necessary for success in the design industry as well as the soft skills required to thrive in a collaborative work environment. I'm passionate about helping creatives find their voice and achieve their career goals. Whether you're just starting out in the industry, looking to make a career change, or facing a specific challenge at work, I'm here to guide you through the process.

What can I mentor you on?

Everything is customized for you. I don’t have a set program that I take you through. I examine the current state of your career or freelance business and customize my approach to fit your specific needs and challenges. I can coach you on topics such as:

  • Growing your design skills
  • Getting hired
  • Starting your career
  • Transitioning industries
  • Building your portfolio
  • Growing your freelance business to 6 figures+
  • Building a personal brand and social media presence
  • and much more

How mentorship works

Our coaching sessions will be held over 1:1 on Superpeer. Think of these calls as a weekly 1:1 dedicated to your growth and career development. Each call will be recorded for your reference and review. You'll receive a total of 5 mentoring calls, including:

  • 1 introductory 30 minute call (to get to know each other)
  • 4 mentorship calls at 60 minutes each

During our first call, we'll get to know each other and outline a plan for future calls. After our initial call I will email you your custom mentorship plan including...

  • An outline of your goals
  • Personalized action plan on how we will accomplish your goals
  • Methods to measure your success

After booking, you'll receive a link to book the 4 additional calls at no cost. Let's work together to take your career to the next level.

5 sessions for $599


"Jesse's mentoring session was outstanding. The content he create was very helpful for starting my new career as a Product Designer. It worth every cent."
Facundo Calvo

"Jesse's mentorship has been a game-changer for my design career. Under his guidance, I've gained a fresh perspective on the industry and have learned how to stand out from the competition. His extensive knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in helping me avoid costly missteps and setbacks. If you're seeking someone who can help you navigate the complexities of the design industry, I wholeheartedly recommend Jesse - he's the real deal!"
John Montejano

"Working with Jesse was a game changer for my career. His personalized approach helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a designer, and gave me the tools to grow and succeed in my chosen field."
Devon Wilson

"I was struggling to find my footing as a freelancer, but Jesse helped me to identify my niche and develop a business strategy that has allowed me to thrive."
Emily Chen

"I highly recommend Jesse as a coach for anyone looking to break into the design industry. His advice on networking and portfolio building was invaluable to me."
David Lee

"I was feeling stuck in my current job, but Jesse helped me to identify areas for growth and development. I'm now more confident and fulfilled in my career than ever before."
Sarah Teller

"Thanks to Jesse's guidance, I was able to land my dream job in UI/UX design. His insights and advice were instrumental in helping me to stand out in a competitive job market."
Michelle Rodriguez