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Ditch your 9-5 Job
& Start Freelancing

Learn how to land clients, build proposals, set your rates, manage projects, and make high six figures as a freelance designer or developer.

"I was scared to start freelancing, but Jesse made it so easy!"
"Best investment I could have made, would do it again"
"started using Jesse's 6 step system in my business and... wow!"
"I'm so happy I took the course, you explain things so well and make it so fun to learn."
"The Freelance Kickstart was exactly what I needed to level up my freelance business"
"I was hesitant to start my own freelance business, but the Freelance Kickstart gave me the confidence to take the leap."

What's included?

4 Interactive Live sessions

4 hours of live teaching with in-depth examples covering all the topics you need to be successful. You'll also have plenty of student/teacher interaction, actionable steps, and crucial takeaways.

Sep 18th
Sep 19th
Sep 20th
Sep 21st

3 Exclusive Pre-recorded trainings

Three exclusive trainings from freelance masterminds Ran Segall, Jonathan Courtney, & The Hood Sisters

all the documents you need to start freelancing

You'll get access to my full list of premium templates including contracts, proposals, estimates, email responses, Notion dashboards, and more.

What will you learn?

Launching your business

A step by step checklist on how to leave your 9-5 job and launch your freelance business without eating beans and rice.

Finding and Landing Clients

I'll show you my top 5 proven strategies to find and land clients that pay big and don't suck the energy and life out of you.

Proposals & contracts

Knowing what to include in a proposal and contract can make or break your business. I'll give you all my client documents

How much to charge

You should be charging insane rates. I'll show you how to charge those rates and have clients thank you for it.

An iron clad process

I have perfected a 6 step process to run my client projects through and it has a proven track record that can help organize you.

Deliverables & Handoff

I'll teach you how to deliver projects that blow minds. Design systems, pattern libraries, documentation, and more.

Milestones & Control

You'll learn the skills of setting clear milestones, maintaining control, and conducting regular progress reviews.

Manage Time & Projects

You'll gain an understanding of the project's scope, timeline, budget to effectively manage your time & projects

Scaling for the Future

Strategies for increasing your rates & growing your business, including building a team and outsourcing work.

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Get everything you need to ditch the 9-5,become a entrepreneur, and Kickstart your freelance business.

Freelance Kickstart

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What you get:
  • 4+ hours of live video session with Jesse
  • 2+ hours of pre-recorded video content
  • 15+ plug and play templates for your business
  • 2 Notion templates to organize your business & life
  • Curated list of freelance resources
  • A launch checklist to start your business

Meet your instructor

Jesse Showalter

Hey! I’m Jesse, a UI/UX designer with 16+ years of hands-on experience in the design industry. I've worked for small startups, design agencies, hundreds of freelance clients, and worked with large brands like Nike, Apple, & Adobe.

I started my freelance journey with no training, a bootleg copy of Photoshop, and dream. To ditch my 9-5 job, do work that I love and am proud of, and build a business that not only survives but thrives.

I have freelanced for more than a decade and have experienced every high and low you can imagine...
- Can't find clients... I've been their!
- Don't know how to talk to clients...I've been their
- Don't know how to charge higher rates...I've been their
- Thinking about ditching freelancing all together...I've been their!!!

This Freelance Kickstart is 12 years of lessons learned the hard way, so you don't have to. Give me one hour a day, for one week, and I'll fast forward you're freelance business exponentially.


What is the Freelance Kickstart

The Freelance Kickstart is a 4 day bootcamp. Each day you will attend a 60 minute live session with me while we cover everything you need to know about Freelancing. After each session you will have access to follow up materials and instructions on how to accomplish your daily homework. By the end of the 4 day bootcamp you will have learned the skills needed and built your launch plan to start your freelance business.

Is this bootcamp live?

There are 4 live sessions to attend as well as pre-recorded material. During the live sessions you’ll be sitting in the same virtual room as me—meaning you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and network with fellow creative attendees.

How do live sessions work?

My Workshops are live, limited-seating, virtual sessions that let you learn valuable lessons directly from me. My Workshops offer up opportunities for nearly every creative to build up important skills. Workshop sessions are virtual, and concentrated into just 60 minutes, you can walk away with a laundry-list of new insights and inspiration—all without needing to take extra time off of work or be away from the office.

Why are you doing this live event?

I have so much I want to share with you that I have learned over the last 15 years that sometimes I feel getting in front of you live is the best way to do it.

Why does it cost $99?

I have a YouTube channel that post content to all the time. My goal is to bring you value at all times and this is no different. To bring you this level of value I need put more of an investment into to make to worth your while. Plus paying for stuff makes you value it, I want you to value this.

Will I be able to interact with you during the event?

Yes I will be hosting polls, Q&A sections, and I might even pull a few lucky people up on stage to do a little live client role play.

Are the live session recorded?

Yes the live sessions will be recorded and a link will be sent out to all students after it's over. The recording will live on a private link where you will access to it forever.

How do your workshops... work?

Attending one of my Workshops is easy—once you reserve your ticket, you'll receive a confirmation receipt and unique attendance URL that will allow you to access the event at its advertised date and time.

Freelance Kickstart
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