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Jonathan Edwards was a revivalist preacher, philosopher, and theologian that lived in the 1700’s. He preached many sermons and wrote many different works throughout his life. One work that has really struck me and affected my life is his piece entitled Resolutions.

To summarize, it is more than a series of new years resolutions that are forgotten months into each year, but instead a running list of personal convictions that he would read each day to accomplish his purpose.

Creative Resolutions

I have my own lists of “Resolutions” and now I am starting a “Creative Resolutions” list. These are things I desire to live by when it comes to my creative career, passions, and progression. (This is just a start and I will update this document from time to time just like Mr. Edwards.)

Overall Creative Mission

  1. I resolve to never copy but always innovate
  2. I resolve to solve problems more, and impress people less
  3. I resolve to be more concerned with how I address content
  4. I resolve to help people with design

Client Relationships

  1. I resolve to teach clients so they are empowered
  2. I resolve to listen more and talk less
  3. I resolve to hold myself accountable for any client frustrations
  4. I resolve to solve more than just my clients design needs while I work with them

Time Management

  1. I resolve to work when I am supposed to
  2. I resolve to rest when I am supposed to
  3. I resolve to multi task less, and single task more
  4. I resolve to spend my time like currency
  5. I resolve to say “no” and “or” more than I say “yes”

Skill Level & Progression

  1. I resolve to hone my craft daily
  2. I resolve to learn something new each day
  3. I resolve to challenge myself in my field constantly
  4. I resolve to design & code better today than I did yesterday
  5. I resolve to not learn something new if there are old things that have gone unmastered
  6. I resolve to be around people that will challenge me and push me forward


  1. I resolve to use typography with emotion to give emotion
  2. I resolve to use typography in a way that it can stand on it’s own


  1. I resolve to use color in a way that makes people respond
  2. I resolve to use color boldly and unashamed
  3. I resolve to use color only when and where it’s needed

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